House-Hasson names new president

Steve Henry

House-Hasson Hardware’s board of directors has voted to make Steve Henry the new president of House-Hasson Hardware.

The leadership change follows the Feb. 15 death of company president Don Hasson. Henry has served as House-Hasson’s executive vice president since March 2017. 

“Don recognized Steve’s outstanding abilities years ago and prepared him well for the leadership of the company,” company chairman James Hasson wrote in a letter to “employees, shareholders, dealers, vendors and other friends of House-Hasson Hardware Company.”

“Steve has been, and will remain, assisted by an exceptional group of managers, sales personnel, distribution, purchasing, finance and administrative employees, drivers and others, and we have great confidence in Steve’s leadership of this team,” James Hasson said.

Henry said his goal will be continued focus on Don Hasson’s mantra that, “dealer profitability is the basis for everything we do.”

“Don was a great leader and a driving force in the industry,” Henry said. “While many other independent hardware distributors were disappearing in changing economic conditions, under Don’s leadership House-Hasson instead grew and thrived, enabling our customers - independent hardware store and lumberyard dealers - to grow and thrive as well.”

Henry joined House-Hasson in 2010, as the company’s credit manager. In 2017, when Henry was named executive vice president, Don Hasson said, “Steve has proven himself to be a gifted administrator and talented executive. As executive vice president, he will be primarily responsible for the day-to-day operations of the company, at which I believe he’ll do an excellent job."

“It’s an honor, and humbling, to be chosen to lead such a great company,” Henry said. “I’m grateful to the board for this opportunity, and to everyone involved with House-Hasson in helping me along the way.”

Before joining House-Hasson, Henry served as county regional president for two major banks, then moving from banking into the mortgage business. 

“My background in finance, coupled with the last 11 years under Don’s tutelage working with hardware store and lumberyard dealers, is dual experience I will continue to ensure is of value to our dealers,” Henry noted. “I couldn’t be more optimistic about the future of House-Hasson. 

House-Hasson Hardware, founded in 1906, has grown to serve independent hardware store and lumberyard dealers in 23 states and the Caribbean Basin. 

House-Hasson’s annual sales are above $200 million. The company has more than 55,000 items in its two warehouses in Knoxville, Tenn. and in Prichard, W. Va. The company is based in Knoxville.

In his letter, James Hasson also said, “As it has for more than century, the company will continue to provide excellent service to our dealers, and we are looking forward to maintaining and expanding the support of our, and your, employees, and the communities in which all of us conduct business as we plan for the next 100 years (and more) of successful operation."