The Home Depot Rental digs big jobs

From the source: Here’s what moving at rental centers this season.

This time of year, our Pros are inundated with outdoor and landscaping jobs. Here are some projects that are bound to come up, and how we provide the equipment needed to get the job done. 

Pressure Washing

This time of year, people are enjoying their outdoor spaces again, only to find them covered with grime and dirt.  Pressure washing jobs are in high-demand and can provide a new revenue stream for the lawn care provider.  Whether tackling siding, sidewalks, or decks, a good pressure wash can make a huge difference in boosting a home’s curb appeal.  The Home Depot Rental makes pressure washing easy with our line of washers and accessories. We offer Pros a variety of sizes and levels of PSI, making sure they have what is needed to efficiently clean the surface of choice. For smaller projects or those in which a high-PSI washer is impractical, such as vehicles, patio screens, and furniture, an electric pressure washer is the ideal solution.

Tony English
Tony English, sr. dir. of merchandising for The Home Depot Rental.

For tackling a refinishing or painting job, or cleaning grime off concrete, a 2000-2700 PSI gas pressure washer may be the right fit.  And for the toughest of jobs, we offer a 3500-4000 PSI gas pressure washer.  Combine with a driveway and surface cleaner for large surface-area applications such as driveways and concrete patios.

In addition to pressure washers, we offer aerial equipment, such as boom and scissor lifts, for multistory homes and buildings.  We offer large equipment delivery right to the jobsite.  

Aerating and Overseeding 

Aeration is a key element of lawn care and one of the best ways to ensure good germination. For the savvy homeowner, this may be a do-it-themselves project, but for the majority of consumers, it’s one best left to the pros. Depending on the climate, spring offers a great opportunity for aerating, and is a great way to introduce your services all season long. From large open spaces to small backyards, The Home Depot Rental offers a variety of aerators and overseeders to fit any lawn’s needs.  Our compact version covers 23,000 sq. ft. per hour and is suitable for smaller applications.  For larger landscapes and heavier duty jobs, our Pro aerator, as well as a towable aerator, are capable of greater surface area jobs, making it an efficient solution to this spring project.  We offer various overseeders and power rakes as well.  


Pruning Trees & Shrubs  

With the wide range of trimmers and prunersoffered at The Home Depot Rental, caring for trees and shrubs turns into an easy task.  Committed to providing options suited for every Pro, we offer both cordless and gas-powered options for many of our trimmers and chainsaws, in addition to pole pruners and trimmers for out-of-reach jobs. Most pruning or tree trimming jobs don’t stop there, though.  Which is why we offer chippers, dump trailers, and even truck rentals to ensure you’re equipped for every stage of the job.

We also understand the importance of job safety.  So, for boom or scissor lift for at-height tree trimming applications, we provide safe operation guides as well as MEWP operator-theory training, and encourage all renters to take advantage.

Decks & Fences 

After everything is clean or cut away (or both), many homeowners will look to finally get their bigger projects completed. Augers and post hole diggers can help prepare for deck or fence posts, and compactors are an easy way to install the firm base of a fire pit and surrounding area. We also have skid steers, miter saws, paver saws, and just about anything else needed to get the job done.    

Regardless of the job, our goal is to make life a little easier for customers, with services like large equipment delivery and online reservations for tools rentals. Our Pros are an essential part of our rental community, and we’re committed to offering the best service.

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Tony English has served as Senior Director of Merchandising for The Home Depot Rental since 2011.  He is responsible for capital allocation, fleet growth and strategy, supply chain, and marketing management. He resides in Fort Mill, SC.