Haunted house and repair insights

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Haunted house and repair insights

By Andy Carlo - 10/28/2020

With Halloween just days away, a recent survey suggests that some homeowners and potential homebuyers fear improvement projects more than ghosts.

Real Estate Witch, a division of Clever Real Estate, survey 1,500 people last month with 93% of them saying home repair issues are scarier than living in a home that's haunted.

Key repair issues they most fear include:

  • Mold (68%)
  • Foundation issues (64%)
  • Termites (61%)
  • Asbestos (61%)
  • Leaky roof (57%)
  • Water damage (57%)

Other insights from the survey include 70% saying they believe in the supernatural while 40% of respondents said they would not buy a haunted house under any circumstances.

About 63% of people think the government should require home sellers to disclose if their house is haunted or had experienced paranormal activity. Just 9 states currently have requirements on disclosing hauntings in a home.

If they found out the house was haunted, 27% of respondents said they would move immediately. Another 24% of those surveyed said that they currently live in a haunted house.

Potential buyers said they would purchase a haunted house if it was for a much lower price (73%), they were convinced the ghosts were friendly (58%), or the house was in a safer neighborhood (49%).

Millennials’ inclination toward supernatural beliefs might explain why millennials are 2.1-times more likely than baby boomers to report having lived in a haunted house and at least 32% more likely to have experienced a spooky event in their possibly haunted home.

When asked how they knew their home was haunted, millennials were:

  • 150% more likely than boomers to experience strange shadows.
  • 91% more likely to see levitating objects.
  • 57% more likely to be spooked by items moving on their own.
  • 50% more likely to have an “eerie” feeling in certain rooms of the house.
  • 32% more likely to feel hot or cold spots throughout the home.
  • 13% more likely to feel like they’ve been touched when no one was around.

The full “Everything You Need to Know About Haunted Real Estate & Halloween in the Age of COVID-19” report can be read here.