Made in USA — Channellock 440 Straight Jaw T&G plier

Let the eagle soar with these Made in USA products

Check out American-made products from Channellock, Campbell, Cashel, Harper Brush and Stihl.

BY HBSDealer Staff

From the Redwood Forests to the New York island, domestic manufacturers seek to leverage the value of the five-syllable phrase: “Made in USA.” They may be in luck, as talk of trade disputes and “America First” policies combine to light a fire under pocketbook patriotism.

And even as diplomacy gets complicated, a recent poll on suggests the time is right for Made in USA marketing. More than half of respondents to a survey asking “How would you describe the current demand for made in USA products?” answered “strengthening.”

Meanwhile, only 7% thought demand was “weakening.” That’s a big delta, but it would be way too early for domestic manufacturers to declare victory over the powerful lure of low-price imports. As one reader wrote, “Everyone says they want Made in USA until they have to pay more.”

That sentiment has been expressed by numerous retail industry researchers over the years.

Still, at the National Hardware Show and other hardware conventions around the country, the Made in USA phrase rings in special collections and highlighted areas. Here are a handful of products collected by HBSDealer editors. From blowers to pliers, these products effectively incorporate Made in USA as a part of their feature-benefits promotional pitch.

See five products from Channellock, Campbell, Cashel, Harper Brush and Stihl below:


Made in USA — Channellock 440 Straight Jaw T&G plier


Channellock 440 Straight Jaw T&G plier

This plier is built to last with a PermaLock fastener to eliminate nut and bolt failure, a patented reinforcing edge to minimize stress breakage and right angle, and laser heat-treated teeth to provide a better, longer lasting grip. According to Channellock, 90% of the company’s products are made in the USA — and 100% of its pliers are as well.



Made in USA — Campbell Campbell Swivel Hoist Hook


Campbell Swivel Hoist Hook

Campbell, the chain and fittings brand from Apex Tool Group, introduced U.S.-made swivel hoist hooks described as the toughest its ever offered. The new latch and spring assembly is designed for exceptional durability. Hooks are available in blue caron steel or orange alloy steel.



Made in USA — Cashel “Shelfie”


Cashel “Shelfie”

Cashel LLC, maker of a line of durable plastic utility sinks, is now also the maker of a versatile shelf that can be attached to any utility sink, or any other product that could use a shelf. The Shelfie is made from heavy-duty, waterproof and stain-resistant polypropylene. The retail sales price is about $50.



Made in USA — Harper Brush Push Broom


Harper Brush Push Broom

Harper Brush, acquired by The Ames Cos. in November 2017, manufactures a broad line of cleaning tools designed for the pro to hold up to the toughest tasks, whether it’s at the job site or in the home. Harper brooms are proudly made in Fairfield, Iowa, with domestic and globally sourced components. Shown here is model 2224A, the 24-inch Indoor Dry Surface Push Broom.



Made in USA — Stihl MSA 140 C-BQ chainsaw


Stihl MSA 140 C-BQ chainsaw

The MSA 140 C-BQ is the most powerful chainsaw in the Stihl Lightning Battery System. It also delivers 45 minutes of actual cutting time on a single charge. These two features make it a standout for suburban homeowners. It weighs in at an easy-going 8.6 pounds with the AK 30 battery. All in, MSRP is about $350.



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