Empty Pews, Crowded Aisles

Church congregation skips service to buy relief supplies at hardware store.

BY HBSDealer Staff

Church service was canceled on Sunday at Avalon Missionary Church in Fort Wayne, Ind., so that the congregation could go shopping at Umber’s Do it Best Hardware.

It was for a good cause – the church and Dave Umber, owner of Umber’s Do it Best, had organized a special early Sunday morning of shopping and donations for tornado-damaged communities hours away.

The store offered tornado clean-up and relief products at 10% discounts. Bottles of water, buckets, paper towels, cleaning supplies, tape, gloves and rags were popular items.

This video of the event shows the line at the checkout was about 30 deep.

The event was in response to a spree of Memorial Day tornadoes that caused extensive  damage in Ohio and Indiana, when 9 tornadoes touched down in Ohio and 14 touched down in Indiana. In, Celina, Ohio, dozens of homes were destroyed one fatality was recorded. In Pendleton, Ind., at least 500 structures were damaged, according to news reports. Many other communities were also hit hard.

Materials purchased and donated at Umber’s were making their way to afflicted areas in trucks and vans in the days following the sale.


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