Hand tools and beyond; Here’s what’s new

Manufacturers are packing products with power, leverage and marketability

From saws to screwdrivers, hardware and building supply manufacturers are packing products with innovations that include improved power, leverage and marketability. Here’s some of what’s new.

ToughBuilt's QuickSet Double-edge Pull Saw

ToughBuilt pointed to stats showing the global hand saws market is valued at more than $450 million and is forecasted to grow to $565.3 million by 2028 (a CAGR of 3.6%).

Into that market comes what Toughbuilt describes as the first ever safe-folding pull saw. It features a folding dual-edged ryoba-style pull saw. The integrated folding mechanism allows the blade to store inside the saw’s handle, providing the user with a full-length saw that can be safely stored or transported in a compact form.

ToughBuilt Industries’ CEO, Michael Panosian, stated, "We expect that this line of high-quality, trade-specific saws will allow us to capture further market share in the hand tools segment." Panosian continued, “At present, innovation is the key factor that helps recharge marketplace demand for new products. Launching the industry’s first safe-folding double-edge pull saw as we enter the hand saws market provides us with a unique opportunity to lead this category and expand our brand awareness.” 

The product is part of a launch of 21 new SKUs into the global handsaws segment  The new line will be available Q4 2022.

Ridgid 760 FXP Power Drive

The Power Drive delivers a hand-held cordless threading solution. Designed for portability and ease of use on the jobsite.

Powered by Ridgid all-new FXP Technology Platform, the battery-powered tool features the same proven professional quality and durability, with intuitive smart technology to improve the users’ threading experience. 

The 760 FXP threads faster than any other cordless hand-held threader on the market today when threading 1 ½-inch to 2-inch Schedule 40 pipe.

The portable threader’s brushless motor completes up to thirty 2-inch threads per charge using the 4Ah battery, an 8Ah battery is also available for extended life. The tool is offered in two variations, 12-R and 11-R, and is 100% compatible with the existing RIDGID threader die heads of that type. It reaches 42 RPM in forward and reverse.

“At Ridgid we are continuously talking to trade professionals about what they need and want on the jobsite.  Our team regularly hears requests for new tools that provide quality results, save them time and put less strain on their body,” said. Zach Mospens, product manager, Ridgid.

The760FXPPower Drive threads1/8-inch to 2-inch pipe and is ideal for multiple new construction and repair applications on mechanical, electrical, plumbing, HVAC and oil/gas projects.

Screw driver
Milwaukee Cushion Grip Screwdrivers

Manufactured to give the professional the best fitting screwdriver with max grip, this new screwdriver is custom machined to deliver a precise fit and reduce stripping during demanding fastening applications.

For added confidence, the tips are laser etched to increase the gripping surface. Manufactured with high-strength boron-infused steel for increased hardness, the product also provides increased versatility. Certain screwdrivers include a wrench-ready bolster for added torque, and a knurled shank for precision control.

Quick identification markings on the handle make it easy to identify screwdriver tip size, including Phillips, cabinet, ECX, slotted, and square.

Made in the USA, and backed by a complete Lifetime Guarantee, the screwdriver offering comes in shank sizes from 3-inch to 10-inch.

FastenMaster’s FrameFast Structural Framing System

The newest cordless FrameFAST Structural Framing System by FastenMaster is designed to drive jobsite productivity.  The cordless FrameFAST Tool offers contractors and installers a tangle-free experience that increases safety on the job site while increasing speed and productivity. With the choice of a professional grade DeWalt  or Milwaukee  drill, the FrameFAST tool comes with a limited 3year warranty. Using the recommended battery, users will be able to drive up to 200 fasteners on a single charge.

The system consists of both the structural wood screw and the FrameFAST tool. One tool, with three interchangeable heads, provides consistently accurate installation along with increased speed and safety and eliminates a variety of clips, straps and ties used to transfer forces from one faming member to the next.

Additionally, the system allows PROs to stand safely on the floor, eliminating the need for ladders, pneumatic nailers, and other safety hazards. Critical connections are made five times faster and provide greater uplift and lateral load capacity.

DeWalt’s Impact Connect system

This new line of attachments quickly converts select impact drivers into fast, powerful cutting tools.

“Instead of purchasing separate dedicated pipe cutting tools, Impact Connect attachments leverage the power of users’ current impact drivers to perform the job quickly with less cutting effort,” said Doug Redpath, president of hand tools, accessories and storage at Stanley Black & Decker.

Designed to improve user productivity, the system is rolling out two new attachments: A copper pipe cutter attachment (DWACPRIR); and a PVC/PEX pipe cutter attachment (DWAPVCIR) Both shown here.

The copper pipe cutter can make four times faster cuts with up to one-inch maximum cut capacity, said the firm. The PVC/PEX pipe cutter can make six times faster cuts with up to two-inch cut capacity in schedule 80 PVC. Both have 360-degree rotation.

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