‘Hammer time’ at NHS

Inventors, attendees equally thrilled to be back at the NHS in Las Vegas.
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Inventors ruled the day at NHS. John Hoback shows off his hammer helper.

John Hoback, inventor of a device that fits onto a hammer's claw to make the task of pulling nails easier, is demo-ing his product.

He’s got boards full of nails sticking up and he’s pulling them, while standing partway out in the aisle. He's attracting lots of lookies.

If that isn’t the essence of a hardware show…. What is?

“I’m here to show it off, make contacts and find someone to license us,” he says between pulling nails with his Rizer hammer helper.

His efforts and his gregarious personality in the booth catches the attention of all, and perfectly engages the passing attendee looking for ‘the new’.

You can see a lot of industry shows and never get to experience all the new inventions, and meet their inventors, like you could at this year’s National Hardware Show.

And attendees are loving it.

a man standing in front of a store
Looking for new vendors to expand their store's line was what brought Bruce Jones to NHS.

“I’m amazed at all the different types of vendors here at the show. It’s great,” said Bruce Jones, president of Allied Equipment Rental from Burton, Mich.

“I’m here getting ideas and looking at what’s new,” he related. “Specifically, I’m looking for consumable items we can sell; this is the place to find it.”

This 75th anniversary NHS show is being held in the newly opened West Hall of the Las Vegas Convention Center. The venue is bright and airy, plenty of elbow room.

a man standing in front of a store
Marc Liggett came from Ohio to discover new products and was doing just that.

Attending from Batavia, Ohio, Marc Liggett of Sportsman’s Market, came here to see existing vendors and find new ones, said this was, “a productive show.”

He added that even though you know your suppliers well, you “have to attend the show to really see their new products. It’s amazing.”

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Young inventor Carson Grill, already a T.V. star from his appearance on Shark Tank, explains his invention to a group of attendees.

Another inventor attracting plenty of attendees was 16-year-old Carson Grill, with his new product the Touch Up Cup, to keep leftover paint useable. He’s had his product on Shark Tank already.

He’s holding his audience mesmerized with his poise and personality explaining his product, “We’re looking to gain more retailers from this show,” he related.

What do his friends think, he’s asked, “They think it’s great,” he beams and hands out pens with his company name along with his name and his title: CEO.

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At the Inventor Spotlight Pavilion, crowds come to hear ideas about promotion, copyrighting and much more.

There is a popular Inventor Spotlight Pavilion stage set practically right in the aisles and scheduled speakers step on stage to share ideas. All the seats are full and there is standing room only at the back as crowds leak into the aisles eager to hear and see new inventions.

Wolf Gugler, an attendee from Shawnee, Okla., related a simple description that captured being back at the NHS show, “This is the place to be every year. So glad we’re back in-person!”