GRK Fasteners Deck Elite screws

GRK Fasteners Deck Elite color match decking screws are designed for wood deck boards.

GRK Fasteners has introduced its new Deck Elite color match decking screws. 

The screws are designed for use in wood deck boards, providing a fast drive for increased productivity and an ideal wood tone finish, meaning fewer profit-killing callbacks and more happy customers.  

“We have done extensive field research and found a number of issues that decking contractors have with the current deck screw offerings,” said  Brandon Isaacs, GRK product manager. “They would like a faster start with no need to pre-drill that also goes through pressure-treated lumber with greater ease."

Isaacs also said that contractors want a screw that cuts down on splitting and  splintering of the wood while cutting down on callbacks, enhancing productivity and "have the customer pleased with the deck’s aesthetics.”  

The Deck Elite screw features:  

  • Tan Wood Tone provides better blending with deck lumber for better aesthetics 
  • Fast-bite Tip provides a fast start for one-step drilling 
  • Zip-Tip eliminates pre-drilling  
  • Star Drive eliminates stripping and counter-sinking head prevents screw from protruding from deck  
  • CEE-Thread enlarges hole to reduce wood splitting and reduces heat buildup, eliminating head pops.  
  • W-Cut Thread Form reduces installation torque for fast driving, ease  of install and less battery drain on cordless drills or impact drivers 

“Comparing Deck Elite screws to the major competition, we found up to a 40% faster drive time versus the competition, which means more work done in less time, allowing the Pro to go quickly from one job to the next,” Isaacs said. “Our testing also showed up to 20% less force required  to start driving GRK Deck Elite screws versus top competitors, which  translates into less fatigue on the job.”  

GRK Deck Elite screws offer a Lifetime Guarantee against rust for the lifetime of the project. They are available in key sizes for decking top boards and fencing applications, including 1-5/8”, 2”, 2-1/2” and industry-standard  3” lengths. Optimized pack counts cover the square footage of decking from 100  to 400 square feet.  

Like all GRK Fasteners product lines, GRK Deck Elite Screws are packaged in their own Tan colored labels to help customers easily find them on the shelf.  

Glenview, Ill.-based GRK Fasteners is a division of Illinois Tool Works, Inc.