GenNext: Adam Gunnett, Busy Beaver

Director of IT emphasizes customer service and technology at Busy Beaver building centers.
Adam Gunnett Busy Beaver
“Every day can offer a new, unique challenge,” said Gunnett, describing the hardware business.

Adam Gunnett is the director of IT at Busy Beaver Building Centers, which early last year opened its 25th neighborhood home improvement center.

The new store features an array of state-of-the-art technologies — and a robot.

Automation comes in the form of Badger Technologies’ autonomous robot equipped with Badger Retail InSight software, which scans the entire store every day and alerts management to out-of-stock and misplaced products. The firm also uses Pricer electronic shelf labels.

“Technology is a key imperative in our mission to be the favorite home improvement center in the communities we serve,” said Gunnett. “We relentlessly look for innovative ways to increase efficiencies and empower our associates to provide legendary customer service.”

Gunnett talked about when he first started in hardware.

“In 2015, I entered the hardware industry as an entry-level IT technician for Busy Beaver. I had to hit the ground running as we implemented a new Point-of-Sale and ERP system within my first six months of starting. This forced me to quickly learn about nearly all aspects of the hardware business.”

He commented on what he like about the hardware business.

“The uniqueness of the hardware business is what I love and has kept me engaged. Customers typically enter our stores with a problem or a project. I am still amazed by the number of different problems that have been introduced by customers and subsequently the number of solutions that have been offered by our staff. I appreciate that every day can offer a new, unique challenge,” said the IT director.

What’s the best advice Adam has heard?

“‘You can’t tell who is swimming naked until the tide goes out.’ These words of wisdom took on a new meaning during the pandemic. Busy Beaver was as well prepared as a retailer could be leading up to Covid and we were able to be nimble and adapt to the quickly changing times.”

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