Generac portable power station

Energy technology company Generac enters the portable battery market.
Generac portable battery

Generac has entered the portable battery market with the introduction of the Generac GB1000 and GB2000 portable power stations.

The company said these provide the advantages of clean, emission-free AC or DC power output at the push of a button.

“The all-new Generac GB1000 and GB2000 portable power stations are the ultimate answer for emission-free, portable power that can go virtually anywhere without restrictions,” said Kyle Raabe, president of consumer power for Generac.

With an ergonomic handle and compact, durable and lightweight enclosure, said the firm, the power station is built for power to be taken and used virtually anywhere – indoors or outdoors.

“This is a product that’s been designed from the ground up to deliver high-power output and versatile, fast-charging technology with a long-lasting battery,” said Raabe.

The units provide convenient power access with integrated AC and 12V DC outlets, USB ports and a 15W wireless charging pad, said the company.

Both models also feature a large, 4.7-inch multi-color display that shows key data, including charge level, run-time and current output.

Founded in 1959, and based in Waukesha, Wisconsin, Generac energy technology company provides power grid software solutions, backup and prime power systems for home and industrial applications.

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