Five reasons to heat up the grill business

Reason no. 2: Amateur chefs are getting more adventurous.

Everybody likes grilling and chilling in the backyard. But this year, the category is positioned to reach new levels of success thanks to a combination of social-distancing and cabin fever.

NPD Group’s Joe Derochowski, industry advisor for home and home improvement, pointed to five reasons the category is a growth opportunity in 2021. Here they are:

1) The season will be longer
May to August is the traditional prime time for grilling. But because people have been so cooped up in homes, they are ready for extended outdoor activity. “I suspect consumers are going to get outside and start grilling earlier,” he said.

2) A growing appreciation of taste
With so many indoor meals in the last 12 months, amateur cooks have probably gained confidence in preparing new meals and new cooking techniques. Pellet grills, smokers, charcoal grills are a logical next step in this DIYers journey.

3) Lunch time is different now
Calling the at-home lunch break a “new life moment,” Derochowski described lunch as a kind of new frontier for home meal preparation, and one that could easily be filled with grills – especially quick and easy gas grills

4) Connection and comfort
Family and friends are more important than ever. “I expect many more entertaining opportunities than usual,” he said. Accessories are going to be different

5) The passion of the grill
People love it -- both for the food and for family and friends. “During this time we’re always looking for something positive, and grilling can be one of those solutions,” he said.

“We have a great opportunity in 2021,” Derochowski said. “It’s just up to us being very innovative in the products and marketing that we do to take advantage of this moment.”

(Watch the NPD Group video below for the complete presentation.)