Festool TSC 55 K Cordless Track Saw

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Festool is introducing the TSC 55 K Cordless Track Saw.

Set to be released in June, the TSC 55 K is engineered with innovative first-of-its-kind kickback stop technology, which reduces the likelihood of kickbacks, thereby increasing user safety. 

Festool’s new saw senses the moment of kickback during a cut, which can cause the tool to lurch backward toward the operator. The kickback stop feature immediately seizes the rotation of the motor, halting the blade in the blink of an eye. After the kickback stop automatically activates, the saw is ready for use again with zero downtime.

“The TSC 55 K builds upon the precision, speed and durability of Festool’s proven cordless track saw, released in 2015, said Rick Bush, product marketing manager for Festool. “With an eye toward exacting accuracy, our new cordless track saw promises to make precise cuts more repeatable, safer and, overall, just plain better — a foundation of innovation that our company and our brand have been built on. The TSC 55 K and its proprietary innovations clearly demonstrate our unceasing commitment to our customers.”

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A kickback stop feature immediately seizes the rotation of the motor, halting the blade in the blink of an eye.

Complementing the new TSC 55 K, Festool also is introducing an array of new saw blades with thinner kerfs and new teeth geometries for improved cutting performance and longer life. These custom-fit blades allow woodworkers to purposefully tailor their cutting specifications by pairing the best-suited saw blade for the new TSC 55 K’s job at hand. Taken together, the features incorporated into Festool’s new track saw combine to provide laser-straight precision and finish-cut quality in a versatile and totally mobile machine.

The TSC 55 K also delivers efficiency when part of the Festool system. Pairing the new track saw with a dust collection bag or a Festool extractor with Bluetooth tool-triggered operation helps provide a virtually dust-free environment.

By practically eliminating dust and ensuring consistently accurate cuts, the Festool TSC 55 K makes the jobsite much more efficient with no need for reworking and barely any cleanup.

The new TSC 55 K is backed by Festool’s 3-year all-inclusive warranty – including protection for wear and tear – that covers the tool, batteries and battery charger, making Festool’s warranty the strongest service agreement in the industry.