An Election Day message from Maine

Kevin Hancock

As Americans headed to the voting booth this week, as others crossed their fingers that their mail-in ballot or drop-off ballot would be counted, one of the lumber industry’s leaders had a message for voters.

In a Nov. 3 blog post, Hancock Lumber Chairman and CEO Kevin Hancock said he hoped that all of his company’s 565 employees took the time to vote in the November elections. 

But Hancock reminded readers that if the election doesn’t go their way, “it’s not the end of civilization” and America will “neither be SAVED or DESTROYED” by the outcome.

“UltimatelyAmerica is defined by what happens at our houses not the White House,” Hancock wrote. “320,200,000 people live in America. 2 live in the White House. 320,199,998 American’s do NOT live in the White House.”

Hancock went on to remind voters that what we do with our daily lives “is what determines the fate of America no matter who is elected!”

The complete blog post can be read here

Hancock was one of the keynote speakers at the recent ProDealer Industry Summit, a virtual event co-hosted by HBSDealer and the National Lumber and Building Material Dealers Association.


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