House-Hasson tackles hurricane needs

The hardware distributor has about 500 customers in impacted areas.

BY HBSDealer Staff

Even before Hurricane Florence arrived on North Carolina’s shores, House-Hasson Hardware said it prepared to meet the demand for building materials and hardware supplies from businesses and homeowners setting out to rebuild and recover from the storm.

The regional hardware distributor that serves hardware stores and pro dealers has about 500 customers in North Carolina, South Carolina, and Virginia.

“High-demand items from our dealers are things like generators, gas cans, and bottled water, but it’s certainly not limited to those products,” said Don Hasson, the company’s president.

“Independent hardware stores and lumberyards are in the vanguard of reconstruction and recovery efforts,” Hasson added. “People depend on their local stores even when no emergency exists; when something as devastating as a hurricane hits, those stores are their go-to places for what they need.”

House-Hasson also donated a truckload of bottled water to Remote Area Medical for distribution in the stricken areas. “That’s a basic need we want to help meet,” Hasson said.

Trucks lined up at House-Hasson’s 400,000 square-foot warehouse, loaded with items for dealers. And they’re heading back with more.

The distributor has been met with flooded roadways in some cases. Bbut for the most part deliveries are being made to stores that are open and to which travel isn’t restricted.

“If we can’t get there immediately it’ll be as soon as humanly possible,” Hasson said.

House-Hasson said it typically sees increased activity during hurricane season, usually for its Caribbean Basin customers.

“We’ve had customers get badly slammed in the past by hurricanes, so we help them as much as we can to get operating again for their benefit and for the benefit of the people who are counting on them,” Hasson noted.

Based in Knoxville, Tenn., House-Hasson Hardware serves about 2,500 dealers in 21 states and the Caribbean Basin.


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