House-Hasson makes duo of executive appointments

BY HBSDealer Staff

House-Hasson Hardware, the independent regional hardware distributor based in Knoxville, Tenn., has made a pair of executive appointments.

John Sullivan has been named VP of retail development and Taylor Hasson has been appointed VP of marketing.

“House-Hasson has been in business for 111 years because our people care about our independent hardware store and lumberyard dealers and their profitability,” said Don Hasson, president of House-Hasson Hardware. “John and Taylor have that understanding at the core of what they do for dealers.”

Dave Helfenberger, longtime House-Hasson marketing VP, has retired, with Sullivan and Taylor Hasson splitting Helfenberger’s roles between them, the company said in a press release issued today.

“We’re constantly adding new dealers, we expanded into Louisiana and Arkansas, and business is growing among our existing dealers,” Hasson said. “When Dave told me he was considering retirement, I analyzed it in terms of what we plan to do in the future and concluded that with our growth we will be even more responsive to our dealers by having two departments focused on these major programs.”

Sullivan, who says he “grew up in my father’s hardware store” in his hometown of Wichita Falls, Texas, joined House-Hasson in February 2014, working in customer service and store and business development. He has 25 years in the retail hardware business, having owned stores in Texas, Maryville, Tenn., and serving for 10 years as VP of Distribution American, a buying cooperative of which House-Hasson is a member.

As retail development VP, Sullivan will supervise store-set crews, assign them to new stores, conduct bin-tagging, and develop new stores and remodels of existing stores.

“Giving stores a fresh, welcoming appearance and getting them merchandised correctly at the right retail pricing is a key to dealer profitability,” Sullivan said. “For example, sales increase an average of 25 percent when we remodel a store.”

Sullivan also said he plans to spend to two-thirds of his time meeting with dealers and one-third in the office. “House-Hasson is a company that prizes personal relationships,” Sullivan said. “There’s no substitute for sitting down and talking with dealers.”

Taylor Hasson, who grew up in the family-owned business and is the son of Don Hasson, has gained experience working in multiple company operations: the warehouse in return goods; lumber department; taking orders, billing; credit department; and the last eight years in the marketing department, the company said.

“This gives me a solid background in what we do, and need to do, for our dealers,” Taylor Hasson said, noting that the company plans to continue growing “advertising effectiveness for our dealers in both the digital and print areas.”

“Digital is a big factor right now, and we’re going to help dealers make the most of it in their use of advertising and with social media,” he said. “These platforms are constantly expanding in their capabilities and reach, and we want our dealers to benefit from them.”

Still, print remains an important medium to many of House-Hasson’s dealers. The company plans to grow the medium’s ability to get more customers into dealer stores while improving vendor programs and marketing initiatives, according to Taylor Hasson.

Helfenberger retired after 30 years with House-Hasson. He said working with the people he’s come to know over the years is the most difficult part of stepping down.

“I’ll miss all the good friends that I have worked with and forging relationships and friendships with dealers and families that own hardware and lumberyard stores and the challenge of helping them compete against their competition,” Helfenberger said.

“It has been a great run for me at House-Hasson,” he added. “I’m grateful to Don and everyone here, and I’m looking forward to seeing the good things that John and Taylor will do in their new roles.”

Don Hasson said Helfenberger’s work has meant a great deal to the company and its dealer customers.

“I’m grateful for the dedication, ability, and care that he put into his work every day. I wish him all the best in his retirement,” Hasson said.

House-Hasson serves more than 2,500 dealers in 22 states and the Caribbean.


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