Diamond Vogel's color of the year

Kenneth Clark
Editor in Chief
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Dreaming of the Day -- that's the color on the wall.

Diamond Vogel’s 2021 Color of the Year is Dreaming of the Day (0470), a soft blue green that offers a relaxed, meditative feel.

“Dreaming of the Day offers a harmonious feel, an awakening to a more relaxed state of mind,” explains Sandy Agar-Studelska, Diamond Vogel Marketing Manager. “This muted blue green harkens a feel of nature, clarity, and a desire for wellness and healthy living. With Dreaming of the Day’s color origin centered between blue and green, it offers the best of both worlds—feelings of security, trust, and safety, as well as wellness and health. After a long period of quarantine, separation, and our desire for connection, we all dream of the day we can return to family, share a direct smile, and participate more freely within our community and more fully in life.”

Dreaming of the Day can easily transition between interiors and exteriors, and balances warm and cool colors effortlessly, pairing seamlessly with grays, whites, neutral earth-tones, as well as deep green, yellow, and rusty reds.

Diamond Vogel released their 2021 Color Trend Report with the announcement of their color of the year. “Our trend report, “Comfortable, Nurturing, and Optimistic,” provides twenty colors in four trend palettes providing inspiration in our search and desire to stay healthy and strong. “Never have our homes been so important,” explains Agar-Studelska. “We have learned to use and adapt them into almost every aspect of our lives. This shift shows just how resilient and creative we are. As we are staying at home, we look to create nurturing environments. Nature has been a partner in finding inspiration. In the great outdoors, we feel safe and know it is important mentally and physically to stay strong.”