DeWalt Tool Connect Chip

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DeWalt has introduced the Tool Connect Chip, a Bluetooth beacon add-on, that allows tools to easily and wirelessly work with the Tool Connect System. 

The Tool Connect System is designed to seamlessly track, assign and manage jobsite inventory to optimize productivity, saving time and budget. 

Integrating the chip adds tracking capabilities that are compatible with DeWalt’s Tool Connect Site Manager software, available for web and mobile. The system adds, manages, and tracks inventory for jobsite visibility. 

The Tool Connect Chip can be installed in the designated pocket of chip-ready products to protect it from damage and is equipped with a blue identification light which helps locate and differentiate among identical tools.

The Tool Connect Chip is currently compatible with the following products that are available now, with plans to expand to 15 additional DEWALT power tools within the next year.

DeWalt also offers the Tool Connect Tag, which integrates with 31 tag-ready tools that are currently available, with several more in development.

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