Decking Webinar: The replay

How prodealers are cashing in on decking projects.

Mike Miller of Talbert Buillding Supply built his first deck when he was 13 years old. He now guides customers through the purchase process as Director of Outdoor Living Products for the North Carolina-based prodealer.

Scott Shay has more than 23 years of experience in the LBM business. He's currently the regional general manager at TAL Holdings, based in Vancouver, Wash., and is helping to bring about the transformation of Tum-a-Lum Lumber and its Innovation Centers throughout the Pacific Northwest. 

The two industry veterans brought their industry expertise out in the open during the webinar: "How Prodealers are Cashing in on Decking Projects."

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The webinar covered a wide range of deck-related topics, from showroom innovation to material trends to project sophistication and the overall outlook for deck sales. 

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The panelists described outdoor living and decking as increasingly important categories. 

“Outdoor living space is just a huge area of focus for us,” said Shay. “It’s an area that’s not traditional for some basic lumberyards, but we’re trying to create that inspiration center for both inside and outside the house.”  Shay added: “I think you'll see a lot of changes among traditional lumberyards as they evolve and look for new ways to be inspiration centers to their customers.”

Miller's locations throughout North Carolina and southern Virginia also see opportunity. 

“We're emphasizing the outdoor living section in our showrooms and remodels,” Miller said. “And that's driving traffic and letting people know that  know that we’re a go-to location for outdoor living.”

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