Channellock wide-jaw wrench

Wideazz Code Blue adjustable wrench has 2-inch jaw opening, minimal head width.
Channellock 10wcb wideazz code blue wide-mouth wrench

Channellock introduces the 10WCB 10-inch Wideazz adjustable wrench featuring a super wide 2-inch jaw opening.

“The combination of a smart and comfortable tapered handle design with Code Blue grips, precise four-thread knurl and minimal head width greatly improves performance in confined spaces,” said the company.

This lightweight, compact adjustable wrench supports larger nuts and bolt sizes and comes with these other features:

  • Longer jaws grip better, allowing greater access in tight spaces;
  • Measurement Scales are laser engraved (in. on front, mm. on reverse) and handy for sizing nuts, pipe and tube diameters; and,
  • Chrome finish for ultimate rust prevention.

Channellock wrenches are made in Spain and forged from rugged chrome vanadium steel.

Vanadium is a steel-blue metal considered valuable in the manufacturing industry due to its malleable, ductile and corrosion-resistant qualities.

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