Central Garden & Pet releases its first ESG report

The inaugural “Central Impact Report” details the supplier’s long-term growth agenda, including sustainability, employee, and community goals.
Click here to read Central Garden & Pet's "Central Impact Report."

Lawn and garden and pet products supplier Central Garden & Pet is the latest industry company to release a report regarding the company’s environmental, social, and governance (ESG) initiatives.

Central Garden & Pet said its inaugural “Central Impact Report” details the supplier’s long-term growth agenda so that sustainable practices can be incorporated into long-term planning and day-to-day business decisions.

“At Central Garden & Pet, we believe that home is central to life, and we strive to be Central to home,” said Tim Cofer, CEO of Central Garden & Pet. “This is why we are committed to doing our part to protect the planet, care for the local communities we serve, and provide a safe and rewarding place to work for the more than 7,000 dedicated Central employees.” 

The company’s Central Impact Strategy focuses on three priorities, that the company believes it can drive meaningful change. 

The company will measure its progress across 10 critical areas, which are embedded inside each of these priorities.

  • Protecting the Planet: Energy & Greenhouse Gases, Water, Waste, Biodiversity
  • Cultivating Communities: Philanthropy, Employee Volunteering, Product Stewardship
  • Empowering Employees: Health & Safety, Diversity & Inclusion, Learning & Development

Over the last few years, Central has invested in key areas across the enterprise to propel this important work forward and advance its commitment to becoming a more sustainable company. 

Highlights of progress described in the report include:

  • 80 million pounds of recycled or reused materials incorporated into Central products
  • 3,800 MWh of energy conserved or diverted from greenhouse gas-emitting sources through greater energy efficiency and use of clean energy
  • 830 metric tons of greenhouse gases mitigated through the use of clean energy across several large manufacturing sites
  • 800 million pollinators supported through Central branded wildflower seeds, live goods and pest control products
  • $1.7 million in monetary and product donations to communities and charitable organizations, including Habitat for Humanity, Best Friends and local schools and hospitals across the country
  • 22% reduction in safety incidents due to improved safety measures at our sites

Click here to read the Central Impact Report and learn more about the company’s beliefs, actions, and sustainability progress.

“Because the garden and pet industries mean a great deal to so many, we understand that we have not only the opportunity but also the responsibility to make a difference and drive positive change," Cofer said.