Carpenter Bee TrapStik

Rescue TrapStik from Sterling International can eliminate carpenter bee problems.
Sterling, Rescue Trap-Stik

With an exclusive VisiLure® pattern that attracts pests to the sticky surface, customers can eliminate carpenter bee problems with the Carpenter Bee TrapStik from Rescue, said manufacturer Sterling International.

“Carpenter bees cause costly structural damage. Over time, their presence weakens wood and leaves stains. The holes carpenter bees create can invite rodents and other pests, as well as mold and rot if moisture gets in,” said the company.

“Hang these traps near untreated wood or wherever you first notice carpenter bees hovering; and catch them before the damage is done.”

For best results, the company recommends hanging TrapStik horizontally by attaching a string or wire to each end of the base and placing next to the wood structure.

And the added protection for your house isn’t the only thing to feel good about, said Sterling. “These pesticide-free traps include a bird guard that keeps other wildlife safe.”

Established in 1982, Spokane, Wash.-based Sterling International manufactures a range of pest control products and solutions under the Rescue! brand. The company’s products include traps and attractants for capturing pests and handling infestation.

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