Bring on the Worthy Products

Nomination deadline for Golden Hammer Award winners is extended through July 16.
Click on the image to nominate a new product for recognition in the 2021 Golden Hammer Awards program.

The Golden Hammer is back. HBSDealer is seeking entries for its Golden Hammer awards, recognizing the best new products in the home improvement industry.

The contest draws on the rich history of the Golden Hammer Awards, the iconic industry-wide designation for the best-of-the-best of home improvement.

“Last year’s Golden Hammer Awards reignited our tradition and led to a strong class of best-new-products,” said Ken Clark, editor in chief of HBS Dealer. “In 2021, we’re going to continue our work to make the Golden Hammer the gold standard for industry product awards.”

The year’s best new products will be judged by HBSDealer’s editorial staff based on the following criteria:

  • Innovation –features, technology, differentiation and benefits;
  • Value — Including relative price, consumer relevance, and functional practicality; and
  • Shelf appeal — Clarity of message, and overall desirability of the product within its category.

The nomination deadline has been extended to July 16. Winners will be highlighted in the print and digital pages of HBSDealer, including a special feature in the September issue of HBSDealer. A nominal entry fee is required. Also, nominations must be accompanied by a photograph and description supplied by the applicant.

Nominations are due by July 16. Click on the logo to nominate products.