Bosch Max Connected Thermal Camera

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Bosch Max Connected Thermal Camera

Bosch Power Tools has released its GTC400C 12V Max Connected Thermal Camera, the first in the company’s popular detection product lineup.

Lightweight and convenient, the camera is designed to give professionals the ability to easily and accurately measure, visualize, and analyze thermal variance across diverse job sites.

Featuring Bosch’s signature user-friendly design, the GTC400C includes a 3.5-inch, 19,200-pixel color display, giving professionals the ability to quickly identify and locate issues, while assessing workspaces quickly and accurately. The ergonomic controls are simple and intuitive, with a trigger to quickly snap workplace images and back buttons to provide one-touch operation, increasing efficiency from project consultation to completion.

The GTC400C is capable of capturing thermal images at 160x120 resolution, setting the standard for detail, and offering an unparalleled degree of accuracy, which delivers increased capabilities and transparency for professionals and clients from the start. 

Quickly turning problems into actionable tasks, the device’s thermal measurements are accurate to ±4° Fahrenheit and the camera can cover a range from 14° to 752° Fahrenheit. An adjustable temperature scale also ensures meaningful visualization, regardless of environmental factors. Users can also select from a red/blue or black/white color scheme to suit their needs.

In addition to the thermal camera, the tool also features an integrated visual camera, providing better reference and allowing professionals to compare images side-by-side, picture-in-picture or overlaid for a greater understanding of the work area. The camera has built-in memory for 600 images and the MicroUSB port lets users upload images to their computer using Bosch’s free and feature-rich GTC transfer software.

“The GTC400C gives professionals the power to quickly, easily and accurately identify and tackle job site issues, while simplifying communication with clients,” said Ricardo Pedroso, product manager at Bosch Power Tools. “Whether they are an electrician checking wiring or a window installer searching for a draft source, the device’s ability to visually inspect thermal variance at the worksite provides professionals with clear and actionable information about what needs to be done.”

 The GTC400C runs on the Bosch 12V Max battery platform, providing versatility and a long runtime for complex jobs. Boasting an IP53 rating, the device is water and dust resistant, making it the perfect companion for tough jobs.

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