Black Label Professional Grade fasteners and accessories

Black Label Pro Grade
Black Label's new line of professional grade products includes tools and fasteners.

Tropical Forest Products has introduced Black Label Professional Grade Accessories for industry pros, such as designers, builders, installers, and contractors. 

Known for its Premium Select Architectural-Grade Ipe and other tropical hardwoods, the brand’s new accessories are perfect for installing, beautifying, and maintaining decking, cladding, and rainscreen applications. 

“As a comprehensive supplier of premium hardwood products, our team is excited to introduce our new Black Label Accessory Products Line created by the highest quality manufacturers, to give professional builders the best installation and maintenance solutions for their projects,” said Kris Kanagenthran CEO of Tropical Forest Products.

Designed to last like the brand’s naturally durable hardwoods, Black Label’s Clad Clip and Pro Deck Clip systems, with their state-of-the-art proprietary designs, are manufactured using the highest grades of stainless steel and military-grade polymers for maximum performance. 

Black Label’s Accessory Fastening Program offers products in both square-foot coverage kits and as bulk items. The brand’s accessories are also packaged in recyclable, reusable, and up-cyclable containers designed to keep products in pristine condition. 

The Black Label New Accessory Line includes a Tool Kit complete with everything needed for installing your hardwood project, all in one container for ease of installation on the job site without constant returns to the store. 

Combined with Black Label Professional Grade Installation Tools, designers and builders are provided with a comprehensive solution package that results in the highest possible installation outcomes and extended project service life all under one collection of systems and one brand of products. 

Although Black Label lumber can be left to weather naturally, Black Label’s new line of Ipe + Marine Oil Finishes, Wood Cleaner, Brightener and End Sealer enhance and protect the wood with the highest quality oils, resins and waxes available. These products were created to maintain the natural beauty and color variations associated with natural wood decking for years to come with a minimum amount of effort. 


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