New Lifetime Bath-Dryer Vent from Lifetime Tool

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New Lifetime Bath-Dryer Vent from Lifetime Tool

Lifetime Tool & Building Products has introduced a new vent for shingle roofs that promises to cut down on leaks and noise.

The Lifetime Bath-Dryer Vent for shingle roofs enables the housing structure to mount to the plate without rivets, fasteners and sealants – common leak points in existing vents.

The vent assembly is crimped into the seamless deep-drawn plate with an EPDM gasket which guarantees a forever water-tight seal. The shingle vent plate is 24GA galvanized Kynar with 4" of flashing on the sides, 6" at the top and 3.5" at the bottom. Most existing vents have less than half of these needed requirements which exponentially increases the likelihood of edge leaking.

"I am passionate about finding and implementing true solutions for roofing components, and I believe that the Lifetime Bath-Dryer Vent is a game changer," says Roger Cline, managing partner and chief engineer at Lifetime Tool & Building Products, LLC

A cap assembly is attached with two black oxide stainless fasteners and 316L stainless clips for easy removal for periodic maintenance. A gold anodized aluminum damper, preventing white corrosion, and its passivated stainless steel axle are mounted on the angled structure to ensure condensation drainage and provide protection from wind and rain penetration.

Built-in weep holes, wind walls and recessed EPDM noise bumpers help eliminate clatter. The EPDM bumpers also permit a small amount of warm air to pass between the structure and damper to reduce the chance of condensate freezing. A snap-in high-quality polymer frame has a stainless steel screen included for use in bath venting only.

Finishing the assembly is a proprietary 6" high, 4" round 26GA G90 galvanized drop with a unique button punch/window snap connection assembly.  A 4"/ 3" reducer is also included.