Diablo launches new carbide reciprocating blades

Diablo says the blades last 50 times longer than standard blades.

BY HBSDealer Staff

Diablo has introduced a full-range line of carbide reciprocating saw blades that expands the applications for reciprocating saws.

Diablo’s carbide reciprocating blades are individually designed and engineered for specific cutting applications ranging from clean or nail-embedded wood, general purpose wood and metal to all thicknesses of metals such as rebar, stainless steel and cast iron. By providing greater durability, cutting performance and up to 50 times longer cutting life than standard bi-metal reciprocating blades, the blades allow pros to be more productive on the jobsite, Diablo said.

For example, Pros and tradesmen including plumbers, electricians and contractors, are now able to reach areas not once easily accessible due to the limitations of their tools.

“Diablo’s passion is focusing on end-user problems and providing real world solutions that capitalize on our core competencies and vertical integration. Our goal in everything we do is to step-up, expand and create new markets in every category we serve,” said Russell Kohl, president and CEO of Freud America.

Kohl also says the blades offer contractors “more cut for their buck.”

The new carbide reciprocating family features enhanced carbide tip-to-blade connection for extreme impact resistance in some of the toughest cutting situations. The one-inch oversized blade body creates straighter cuts with less vibration to protect the carbide teeth for superior cutting stability while Diablo’s proprietary Perma-SHIELD non-stick coating for less gumming and friction allowing the carbide reciprocating blades to cut extreme materials with ease.

Diablo offers this innovative, full range of carbide reciprocating saw blades in a variety of sizes, 6”, 9” and 12”, and multi-pack quantities ranging from single, three-packs to 10-packs.



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