Letters on the Buffett Rule


A story about a failed proposal for a minimum tax of 30% on millionaires and billionaires — known as the Buffett rule — generated several responses.

“The question should be do we want even more money taken out of our economy? There are two opposing views. The first believes that we are better off when the government is in charge of and has more money (communism and socialism). The second believes that we are better off when private citizens are in charge of and have more money (capitalism and free markets). The multiplier effect is always greater when private citizens are in charge of their money as stated by almost all economists. Whether a person is rich or poor, taking more money from anyone weakens our economy. America’s problem is not that tax revenues are too low. Our problem is that government is too big.”
— Jeff Wilson 

“Your question assumes the assertion that millionaires are paying a lower rate (percentage) of tax than the average household. Check the facts with the IRS. Millionaires pay an average of 23% while the average household paid 11%. (Source: Michael Medved, 04/17/2012)

“Maybe if enough media sources (like yours) would tell the true story we would expose the lies of this sort.

“So the question is moot.”
— Bruce Hood

“It really doesn’t make as significant a financial difference ($4.5 billion over 10 years) whether the Buffett Rule is passed or not. This just sets a tone where one party favors more equal treatment for all income levels, and the other favors or protects the higher income level people. Some people still believe that ‘trickle down’ economics really works, after years of evidence that it doesn’t work.  That is so much a part of their DNA that they can’t see any other way.

“A more important issue is to let the Bush tax cuts expire for all income levels. That will generate around $226 billion in additional revenue over 10 years that can help to pay down the debt and support programs that can continue to stimulate the economy that is growing, but at too slow a rate.

“Also, the entire tax code needs to be redone to eliminate most of the loopholes that were added for special interest groups of all kinds and determine the correct tax rates and brackets that would be considered ‘fair’ to all income levels, personal and business.
— Wayne Reimer

“My feeling is there should be a flat tax and everyone pays the same percentage no matter what level of income you have. If someone makes $10,000 per year they pay $1,000 if the flat tax rate was at say 10%. If someone is making a million dollars per year they would pay $100,000, the same percentage as any other person. It would be fair to everyone as the percentage is the same, no one gets a free ride, and 10% (if that is the percentage) hurts the citizen making $10,000 per year the same as it would the citizen making a million. No deductions, no tax loop holes; everyone pays the same flat percentage so it is fair to everyone.”
— William S. Bates
R.P. Johnson & Son, Inc.


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Some people still believe that ‘trickle down’ economics really works, after years of evidence that it doesn't work. cloud providers



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For electric cars, a new home charging station


Leviton, a global manufacturer of electrical devices, unveiled the latest entry to its Evr-Green line of residential, commercial and public electric vehicle charging systems – the Evr-Green 320 Level 2 Home Charging Station. 

The new device provides up to 32 amps at 240 volts AC (7.7 kW output) – reducing the charge time of any SAE J1772 compatible electric vehicle by seven percent when compared to leading competitors. The charging station has been specifically designed to meet the needs of the next generation electric vehicles with larger on-board chargers, enabling consumers to “future-proof” their charging needs.

Designed and assembled in the United States, the Evr-Green 320 Level 2 Home Charging Station includes a three-year limited warranty, and as with the entire Evr-Green line, complies with all industry safety and performance standards, including the current National Electrical Code. 

The device’s weatherproof NEMA Type 4 steel enclosure installs in a cord connected installation when used with a Pre-Wire Installation Kit or can be converted to a hard-wired installation if required. The charging station is also available with either an 18- or 25-foot charging cable which provides more flexibility for mounting locations.



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Awesome, now here's a product
Awesome, now here's a product for a product that nobody seems to want or be able to afford. Unless they plan on marketing exclusively to the federal government or retailers in California, I'm thinking the charger is not exactly going to be a "best seller." Until the automobile manufacturers can come up with affordable battery powered vehicles (and I drive a truck so I'm not just talking about "Volt" size vehicles)this is a non starter. Oh, and since a large portion of the electricity in this country is produced from coal fired plants, which this administration plans to make impossible to operate, the cost of electricity will be rising. How's that hopey changey thing workin for ya?



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Hardware Show puts spotlight on innovation


In the tradition of encouraging innovation, The National Hardware Show will give credit where credit is due through a series of awards ceremonies recognizing the best of the best in product design and innovation.

"New products are a vital part of keeping the industry moving forward and they are also a vital part of the offering at the National Hardware Show," says Sonya Ruff Jarvis, vice president of attendee programs for the National Hardware Show, which will be held May 1-3 at the Las Vegas Convention Center. "While it’s always nice to see the industry’s innovators get recognized for their hard work with awards, these kinds of award programs are also a vitally important part of the industry’s channel partners communicating with one another."

New in 2012 will be The Pitch Tank, part of the new Innovation Station area, dedicated to showcasing new home improvement products, ideas and inventions. The Pitch Tank was created to allow everyday entrepreneurs and inventors a chance to give their "pitches," or presentations, to a seasoned team of product development executives and marketers, led by well-known entrepreneur Kevin Harrington, who also appears as one of the "sharks" on TV’s popular "Shark Tank." Select products from the Pitch Tank will be recognized during a special presentation on the NRHA Village Stage.

Other product-related awards programs scheduled to take place at the 2012 National Hardware Show include:

• The NRHA Packaging & Merchandising Awards. This award program, conducted by the North American Retail Hardware Association (NRHA), recognizes the industry’s finest product packaging and merchandising. 

• The Golden Hammer Awards presented by Home Channel News. This year marks the 28th Golden Hammer Awards celebration, recognizing the best of the best in home improvement. The Golden Hammer Awards will also feature a panel discussion: "The Recovery: Is it Real? And what to do about it."

• Hardware Retailing magazine’s Retailers’ Choice Awards will honor exhibitors at the National Hardware Show for their innovation and excellence.

• The 6th Annual Homewares Awards presented by Homeworld Business magazine and the National Hardware Show will recognize homewares product design and innovation. 

• Lawn & Garden and Outdoor Living Innovation Awards will be presented by Casual Living magazine and the National Hardware Show at the NRHA Village Stage.



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Would you like to see the re-emergence of an association like the AHMA?