EPA endorses 3M lead testing kits for drywall


A product linked to the Environmental Protection Agency’s lead paint rule has been approved for use on drywall and plaster.

The 3M LeadCheck Swabs, in compliance with the Environmental Protection Agency’s (EPA) Renovation, Repair and Painting Rule (RRP), are now recognized by the EPA for use on drywall and plaster.

The swaps are designed to turn red in the presence of lead and were the first commercially available lead test kit recognized by the EPA for use on painted wood and metal. 

“We are hearing from contractors that they are pleased to have an easy, low-cost option that’s now recognized for use on drywall and plaster,” said Wade Bowman, brand manager, 3M Construction and Home Improvement Markets. “In just 30 seconds, the 3M LeadCheck Swabs turn red if lead is present. Now contractors can choose to do their testing with one simple test kit.”

To achieve the latest EPA recognition for drywall and plaster, 3M LeadCheck Swabs underwent a testing process, results of which were reviewed and approved by the EPA and took into account factors such as ease of use, toxicity of chemicals used, average cost and average time of kit operation as well as overall performance.

Since April 22, 2010, contractors performing renovation, repair and painting (RRP) projects in pre-1978 homes, schools and daycare facilities are required to be certified and follow lead-safe work practices. This EPA-issued RRP Rule is aimed at preventing lead poisoning. The rule continues to face opposition from industry groups.


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Which of the following hardware business trends is the most significant:

Dave & Buster’s hires former HD real estate exec


Dave & Buster’s, Inc., the chain of restaurant/entertainment outlets, has named John Mulleady as its senior VP development. In addition to overseeing all real estate and construction projects, Mulleady will lead the company’s expansion strategy, driving D&B’s growth into new and under-penetrated markets. Dave & Buster’s currently has 59 locations in the U.S. and Canada, and expects to open several more in the near future.

Mulleady has 23 years of development experience, most recently as VP real estate and construction at BJ’s Wholesale Club, where his duties included site identification, lease negotiation, design, permitting and construction. Prior to that, Mulleady was VP real estate and construction at Circuit City, developing more than 100 stores. Mulleady also worked for Wal-Mart International in Argentina and Home Depot in the United States, Argentina, Chile, and Mexico.




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Which of the following hardware business trends is the most significant:

March retail sales trend upward

BY Ken Clark

The U.S. Census Bureau announced Monday that advance estimates of U.S. retail and food services sales for March, adjusted for seasonal variation and holiday and trading-day differences, but not for price changes, were $411.1 billion, an increase of 0.8% from the previous month.           

Compared with the same month last year, sales were up 6.5%.

Total sales for the January through March 2012 period were up 6.4% from the same period a year ago.

Sales for the building material and garden equipment and supplies dealers, a group that includes home centers and hardware stores, were $27.758 billion in March on an adjusted basis, up 3.0% from February.

Non-store retailers were up 9.3% from last year, according to the report.


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Which of the following hardware business trends is the most significant: