Armadillo: Decking built with a purpose

At Avon Plastics, a big idea is to support the good life.
Armadillo deck

Avon Plastics stands behind its Armadillo brand with a lifetime limited warranty. But more than that, the third-generation family business builds with an intense commitment to sustainable manufacturing and a focus on the lifestyle of its customers, employees and communities. The company was actually recognized by the United Nations with a U.N. Environmental Programme Award. “With Armadillo composite products, you get the highest level of quality and service as if you were part of the family,” said Chuck Hayes, national sales and marketing manager.

Out in the fast-growing decking market, the Armadillo brand is clawing out a reputation for durable, beautiful, high-end products at a price, he says, that doesn’t “break the bank.”

Below, Hayes elaborates on Armadillo’s features along with thoughts on decking market in general:

Describe the differentiating factors for Armadillo Decking? Hayes: Armadillo is a simple program. We provide one style of product in seven colors that meet most consumers demands without overwhelming them with options. By doing so, we have been able to keep our lead times to within two weeks or less even during all the issues with the disruptions in the supply chains and labor shortages that everyone has been experiencing. Armadillo also uses high density plastics and wood fiber products versus lower density materials. This gives our products a higher moisture resistance rating than most other products. Finally, we stand behind our quality with a 2-year labor warranty on all purchases, in addition to the Limited Lifetime warranty against any defects. 

Livable outdoor space is a big trend in home improvement. Above: Armadillo's Lifestyle product.

How is the deck customer changing?
Hayes: Families are continuing to expand their need for more livable space by creating additional spaces outside that continue the comfort and functionality of the indoor environment. They also want these spaces to be maintenance-free, and composite-deck products are the first step in achieving that goal.

And contractors?
Hayes: Contractors are becoming more tuned in to the benefits of composite decking versus wood and how it can meet the needs of the deck customer to provide that indoor environment look outside. Also, in today’s environment, lead times to deliver the product are crucial, and in many cases it is the deciding factor in the purchase decision.

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Your website, has an assortment of interactive customer tools. Featured prominently. What’s the background for those?Hayes: Consumers and builders both are using the internet to gather ideas and inspiration and ultimately to shop for solutions. Providing tools to our customers to help design, visualize and calculate the cost provides them the ability to turn their dreams into reality.

Hayes: What are the key trends that you're seeing in the decking business? 
The younger generations desire more time spent with family and friends enjoying the social experience while also feeling good about supporting sustainable products that help the earth. Composite decks and other products such as cladding and fences are becoming more and more the product of choice for these types of experiences as evidenced by its market growth over the past few years.

What makes you most optimistic about the decking business in general and the Armadillo brand in specific?
Hayes: Even through a global pandemic, the demand for composite deck materials has not slowed down and in fact has increased.  Armadillo’s brand has been growing year over year as more and more consumers and builders become aware of our high quality product for a value price. The simplicity of our program has made it possible for us to focus on what we do well and meet the lead time objectives for our customers. At Armadillo, we show up to work every day with the goal in mind to create something everyone can enjoy for years to come while doing a service for the environment by recycling plastics.