84 Lumber manager trainee taps military roots

Pennsylvania National Guard veteran Margo Cronin says the company rewards those who put in the effort.
84 Lumber Margo Cronin
Margot Cronin

As 84 Lumber takes part in Women in Construction Week, the prodealer and building solutions provider shared a story about one of its own female trainees on the rise.

As one of 84 Lumber’s Manager Trainees, Margo Cronin brings more than 10 years of experience in the Pennsylvania National Guard. 

“I was very excited on the first day of my job, but I soon realized I had another task that wasn't laid out in my job description. I had the task of showing my peers I was just that–a peer,” Cronin says. “Right away, my co-workers were asking questions and challenging me on what made me, a female, take a job in the lumber industry. 

Cronin recalls hearing things such as, “You know you're going to have to load customers up with lumber and stuff, can you handle that?”

But Cronin is no stranger to challenges and facing adversity.

“I've experienced this in the past, so it definitely made me chuckle after a few weeks, I was able to show them that I could perform my job, and in some ways even excel at it,” she says.  

Cronin says she is a great admirer of all the women that work for 84 Lumber, as well as all of her colleagues who she continues to learn from.

“I’ve learned a lot working for 84 Lumber so far. I also admire that our very own president is a woman who has not only taken on the role but has brought the company to new heights,” Cronin explains.  “I believe 84 Lumber does a great job of rewarding those who put effort into the small tasks and realize that those small tasks, if done right, will eventually become rewards of greater potential.”

84 Lumber Women in Construction 2023

“I do believe both businesses and women can play a big role in hiring women to do the work, but then after that, it's on the women to complete the job,” Cronin added.

“Women are great workers because they have the perfect combination of heart and heat, bringing together passion and perseverance to challenging and ever-changing demands. Change doesn't happen overnight. It's in the power of time and determination to even out the perception that both men and women can work together in the same/similar roles and both be successful,” she says.  

84 Lumber has been a big backer of Top Women in Construction Week for several years. Click here to read more about 84 Lumber’s latest efforts.

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