The 2021 Fastener Update

Fastener manufacturers are providing upgrades to their offerings, promising tougher products with more durability.
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FastenMaster is expanding its offering of flathead fasteners with the LedgerLOK FlatHead. The New LedgerLOK FlatHead fasteners are code-compliant structural wood screws engineered specifically to secure deck ledger boards to the rim joist of a house without predrilling. They are designed to replace traditional lag screws. The primary benefits of the LedgerLOK FlatHead are its oversized head which eliminates the need for an additional washer, removal of the need to predrill saving time and money, and the fact that it can be installed flush with the ledger surface so joists, hangers and hanger flanges can be installed without interference from the screw’s head. In addition, LedgerLOK Flat Head fasteners are coated with a proprietary coating that protects against corrosion, is ACQ approved, and is guaranteed not to rust or corrode for the life of the project. LedgerLOK Flat Head Fasteners are available in two lengths: 3 5/8-in. for single ledgers, and 5-in. for double ledgers and thicker applications. All LedgerLOK fasteners are supported by an evaluation report and third-party application testing and supplied with a technical bulletin and IBC/IRC code-compliant fastening schedule in every box.

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New from the Hillman Group for 2021 is the new Fas-n-Tite Fence Post Screw, which installs wire or panel fencing without a hammer or pre-drilling. Use in place of traditional fencing staples on wire up to 6 gauge. Easy to install and remove with a drill or impact driver, the Fas-n-Tite Fence Post Screw installs 10-times faster and is 3-times stronger than traditional fence staples. For all woods including pressure treated lumber. Hammer-free installation saves your fingers with the screws coated for corrosion resistance. They are available in 3 sizes for small tasks or big projects.


PrimeSource is home to two of the industry’s leading fastener brands, Grip-Rite and Pro-Twist. The Grip-Rite PrimeGuard family of exterior screws is getting a facelift. PrimeGuard Plus and MAX Stainless products feature new packaging with refreshed consumer messaging, graphics, and imagery to assist the consumer at the point of decision. Also new to the portfolio, Grip-Rite Contractor Grade Bulk Drywall Screws are now available – premium grade fine and coarse drywall screws for pros who prefer to buy in job lot quantities, packaged in new contractor-grade graphite gray signature packaging.  The Pro-Twist brand is also getting an upgrade. New Pro-Twist packaging, in its recognizable color-coded bulk boxes, five-pound front-facing, resealable tubs, and one-pound corrugated boxes create a true Pro-Twist threaded fastener family on the retail shelf.

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Midwest Fastener has repositioned and re-launched its Construction Fastener brands, with new items innovation across the line. BuildRight is replacing its Midwest brand, quality products to complete the job. New to the SaberDrive line is the SaberDrive Platinum premium fastener. This new line will be available in tubs, featuring blue lids. New merchandising displays and promotions throughout 2021 will be available to provide support to retail partners. SaberDrive Platinum’s key features include a Spiral Razor Tip for a fast bite with anti-loosening technology; Cut Blade Threading for an easy drive; and a Sprial Shank Thread for a secure fit and reduced loosening.

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Code compliant with a focus on customer service, U2 Fasteners offers eight product lines that are a diverse lineup of all essential screw types for residential construction that engineers and contractors agree on for whatever project you undertake. U2 Fasteners offers a selection of 59 SKU’s in 316 Marine Grade Stainless Steel Construction, Universal and Fine screws. Grade 316 is the standard molybdenum-bearing grade of stainless steel. The higher nickel and molybdenum content in this grade allows it to demonstrate better overall corrosion-resistant properties, especially with regard to pitting and crevice corrosion. In addition, Alloy 316 provides excellent elevated temperature tensile, creep, and stress-ruption strengths.


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Tapcon, the inventor of blue concrete screw anchors has introduced the next generation of concrete fasteners.  The newly engineered design delivers superior productivity through fast installation and less downtime. Tapcon Product Manager Adam Myers says the fasteners are a result of paying close attention to customer needs, including minimizing re-work at the job site. To further improve the speed of installation, Tapcon is also shifting from Phillips to a Star flat head. The new Tapcon Star Head recess helps eliminate bit slip during installation. With six points of contact between the bit and the anchor, users can be confident in increased productivity, especially in high torque applications where Phillips bits are prone to slipping. The Tapcon Star Flat Head anchor is also stamped with the Tapcon name, providing assurance that the anchor is a genuine Tapcon. The new Star Flat Head anchors come with a color-coded star drive bit in all large 75 pack and bucket offerings.  This includes the T-25 Star bit for 3/16” diameter and T30 for ¼” anchors.  Bits are also sold separately and included in the updated Tapcon Pro Installation Kit.

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The Tapcon Hex Head concrete screw anchor features new underhead ribs that resist anchor spin-outs and head snaps during installation. The underhead ribs limit over-torquing of the anchor during installation, reducing re-work and increasing productivity.  Both the Star Flat Head and Hex Head Tapcon anchors feature a unique thread design to provide reduced installation torque and a consistent drive across all concrete and masonry substrates. In addition, Tapcon’s Climaseal corrosion-resistant coating provides long-lasting quality and durability on the job. Tapcon next generation screw anchors are available in 3/16” and ¼” diameters in key sizes for most concrete fastening applications from 1-1/4” to 4” in length. They are available in a wide variety of small, medium, and large pack counts along with even larger buckets to allow pros to by in quantities they need for the job.  Tapcon screw anchors are also available in a White Ultrashield, Gray Maxiset and 410 Stainless Steel offerings.

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GRK Fasteners has introduced its new Deck Elite color match decking screws. The screws are designed for use in wood deck boards, providing a fast drive for increased  productivity and an ideal wood tone finish, meaning fewer profit-killing callbacks and more happy customers. The Deck Elite screw features:  

  • Tan Wood Tone provides better blending with deck lumber for better aesthetics 
  • Fast-bite Tip provides a fast start for one-step drilling 
  • Zip-Tip eliminates pre-drilling  
  • Star Drive eliminates stripping and counter-sinking head prevents screw from protruding from deck  
  • CEE-Thread enlarges hole to reduce wood splitting and reduces heat buildup, eliminating head pops.  
  • W-Cut Thread Form reduces installation torque for fast driving, ease  of install and less battery drain on cordless drills or impact drivers 

GRK Deck Elite screws offer a Lifetime Guarantee against rust for the lifetime of the project. They are available in key sizes for decking top boards and fencing applications, including 1-5/8”, 2”, 2-1/2” and industry-standard  3” lengths. Optimized pack counts cover the square footage of decking from 100  to 400 square feet. Like all GRK Fasteners product lines, GRK Deck Elite Screws are packaged in their own Tan colored labels to help customers easily find them on the shelf.

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Builders and contractors will have a new option this spring in the trim screws category with the release of new SPAX PowerTrim finishing and composite-PVC trim screws, the latest addition to the line of SPAX Engineered Fasteners. This new product is considered a specialty fastener and is designed for use in attaching wood and composite/PVC trim boards for residential home interior and exterior work. Partial thread applications include trim work, cabinetry, fine carpentry, stairs, railings, and deck boards. Reverse double thread applications include composite/PVC trim, deck boards, door and window jams. SPAX PowerTrim trim screws are available in both #8 and #9 diameters and in lengths of 1-1/4”, 1-1/2”, 2”, 2-1/2”, 3-1/8” 4” and 5”. PowerTrim fasteners feature patented SPAX attributes including T-STAR plus drive within a cylindric head, patented thread serrations and a reverse double thread for PVC applications to pull and hide pigtail shavings and eliminate bulging. The fasteners also feature a unique 4CUT point for quick and easy installation with no pre-drilling required. The new construction fasteners are made of carbon steel with SPAX exclusive white and yellow High Corrosion Resistance dual barrier coating, which is ideal for both interior and exterior applications including PVC and treated lumber. SPAX PowerTrim fasteners will be packaged in clamshells of 50pc or 100pc cartons ready for retail shelves and will include a T-STAR plus bit.

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Simpson Strong-Tie has introduced the Strong-Drive SD Connector SS screw, a Type 316 stainless-steel fastener designed, tested, and approved for use with Simpson Strong-Tie stainless-steel connectors to provide excellent protection in severely corrosive environments. A premium connector screw for applications where strength and performance are critical, the SD Connector SS (SD SS) screw helps protect projects from corrosion caused by moisture, salt, chemicals, and other factors. Made from Type 316 stainless steel and ideal for both interior and exterior environments, SD SS screws have a 1/4" hex-washer head with a large-diameter integrated washer to provide a load-bearing area and are stamped with the Simpson Strong-Tie logo and fastener size for easy identification after installation. SD SS screws have been designed, tested, and approved for use with Simpson Strong-Tie stainless-steel connectors to provide maximum performance values, the company said. When selecting fasteners for connectors, builders should match metals to maximize connection durability and prevent galvanic corrosion between different metals.

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CAMO and Fiberon are partnering to offer Fiberon Edge, EdgeX, and Starter Clips to Fiberon’s entire dealer network. The partnership brings together two trusted brands that put just as much value in the builder’s experience as they do the finished result. Together, Fiberon and CAMO offer the most comprehensive fastening system in the composite industry, providing versatile solutions for Fiberon grooved deck boards. Edge, EdgeX, and Starter Clips are engineered to offer contractors a better, safer installation experience increasing speed and efficiency and are for use with Fiberon grooved-edge deck boards. Both Edge and EdgeX Clips eliminate the need for partial installation. Edge Clips (90-degree deck patterns) hug the joist, while EdgeX Clips (any deck pattern) fit in the board groove, allowing contractors to set multiple rows of boards and clips in place before fastening with the Never-Miss Guide included in every pail. Starter Clips offer a fastener-free deck surface that is easy to install.