September 9, 2014

Companies that participated in the HCN Distributor Scoreboard Survey showed overwhelming sales improvement in 2013.  

One reason: Rising housing starts lift all boats in this industry. Annual housing starts of 923,400 for the year reflected a gain of 18.3%. 

Among the biggest gainers below were Sherwood Lumber, up 35%; Forest City Trading Group, up 29%; and Amerhart, up 23%.

September 10, 2013

Two-step distribution is riding a housing recovery for both LBM and hardware.

Sales gains and growth were the major themes of the HCN Top 300 Retailer and Top 200 Pro Dealer Scoreboards released earlier this year.

So it’s only logical that the HCN Top 100 Distributor Scoreboard shares in that growth, fueled by rising prices on certain products and a long awaited — though staggering and somewhat unreliable — housing market recovery.

September 21, 2010

For most retailers appearing on the 2010 Annual Top 500 Retailer Scoreboard, it was a year to put in the rearview mirrors. Still 57 companies showed a sales increase.

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