December 17, 2013

Hubbell Lighting has added dimming capabilities to its Hubbell Building Automation WASP2 Occupancy and Daylight Sensor.

The Dimming WASP is suitable for indoor and outdoor use and provides 0-10V (Class 1) output for the control of dimmable fixtures. Users can control lighting levels themselves; meanwhile, the ON/OFF control feature automatically turns the fixture off when it senses sufficient natural light. Users can also pre-set unoccupied and occupied dimming levels.

March 25, 2011

Griffin, Ga.-based Osmose, a global supplier of wood preservative products, acquired the production assets of Peninsula Copper Industries, Inc. (PCI), a producer of copper-based chemicals. 

PCI, headquartered in Hubbell, Michigan, is a leading manufacturer and exporter of copper carbonate and cupric oxide chemicals. PCI has been a copper compound supplier to Osmose for over 25 years.