April 26, 2012

Last fall, Montana builder Anders Lewendal began work on “The All-American Home,” gaining national recognition in the media and building industry. An economist-turned-builder, Lewendal estimated that if every builder used just 5% more American-made products, they would create more than 200,000 jobs -- a number that ABC News reported as being confirmed by The Boston Consulting Group.

February 13, 2012

What began quite innocently as a pet project turned into a national movement for Anders Lewendal, the Bozeman, Mont., builder who has since gained wide acclaim for constructing a house made entirely from U.S.-made products.

Initially, Lewendal set out to build an “efficient, affordable and environmentally healthy” home for a client whose daughter has cystic fibrosis. In researching the building materials and parts required for the project, Lewendal was struck with this idea: Why not go for all-American parts and materials.

September 6, 2011

According to an article in the New York Times, a Montana home builder is promoting construction using Made in USA materials. It's not that easy.

 In fact, the general contractor who came up with the idea, Anders Lewendal, said it's probably not possible to achieve 100% compatibility to the all-American building approach, according to the article. But if all builders sought American-made products, the impact could be beneficial.