SLIDE SHOW: Pro Dealer of the Year US LBM Holdings

Green Bay, Wis.-based US LBM Holdings believes in the power of the locally focused lumberyard. And the results speak volumes.

The 2013 HCN Pro Dealer of the Year has grown from a standing start to 55 locations in four years. And in its most recent year, sales jumped 15.7%.

The group’s eight operating companies have the autonomy to make their own decisions, while benefiting from the combined buying power and best practices of the larger group.

The company’s philosophy lives in its mission statement: "US LBM will generate industry-best results while fostering a culture of accountability, integrity, autonomy, respect and continuous improvement. Our success will be driven by the knowledge, effort and passion of our associates. We will create a safe, challenging and rewarding environment for our associates while being active stewards of our communities."