Rebecca R. Hastings

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  • Fri Aug 17 2012

    When employers act as though the 1959 song “Money (That’s What I Want)” represents employees’ top priorities in the workplace, they miss some of the most important drivers of satisfaction and engagement.

    “It is well known that money is a short-term motivator,” Jayne Mattson, senior vice president, Keystone Associates, told SHRM Online. Ultimately, employees look for an organization and position where their values are met, core skills are utilized and work tasks align with interests, she said.

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  • Wed Apr 04 2012

    To be successful, young workers need to develop a lot more than job-specific knowledge, experts say. Of the so-called soft skills needed for success in the workplace, communication skills are particularly critical.

    Communication skills are the most important and the hardest to find, according to China Gorman, CEO of CMG Group, a talent management consultancy. “Being comfortable one on one with customers, colleagues and bosses means being comfortable with yourself and confident in your abilities,” she said.

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  • Mon Apr 02 2012

    Most North American workers make suggestions to their boss on a regular basis, according to a survey released in February by the career and outplacement consultancy Right Management.

    “Despite research that indicates workers are disengaged, on the whole they want to be helpful and have their say on issues or problems that arise in the workplace” said Monika Morrow, senior VP career management for Right Management, in a statement.

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