Pamela Babcock

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  • Fri Jan 04 2013

    Although HR professionals, people managers, and employees often face annual performance reviews with feelings of dread, that doesn’t have to be the case, experts say.

    Improving the process for everyone “can only be done through better education of both parties focused on creating a safe and productive environment for the performance review conversation,” according to Brian Poggi, author of I Am Not Average: How to Succeed in Your Performance Review (CreateSpace, 2011). 

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  • Fri Oct 26 2012

    When employees complain about “gross” things at work, such as body odor, bad breath, flatulence, throat clearing, coughing, nose-blowing, or visible or perceived conditions such as bedbugs or head lice, HR professionals are often consulted for guidance.

    It’s important for HR professionals and managers to know what they can and cannot do, legally, as well as how best to handle situations that can distract employees, lead to conflicts, and, in some cases, raise employee fears of exposure.

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  • Wed Sep 05 2012

    Among the mistakes employers sometimes make when investigating workplace misconduct: waiting too long to get started, limiting the scope of the investigation, failing to take interim measures to curb bad behavior and selecting a biased investigator.

    During a July 2012 webinar, Allison West, SPHR -- an employment attorney who specializes in training, conducting workplace investigations, and coaching executives and managers -- said she evaluates several over-arching issues:

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