Jim Schaffer

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  • Mon Sep 23 2013

    As summer comes to a close, our industry welcomes good news and confronts bad news. The good: Companies are fighting their way out of the recession through ingenuity, superior product development and clever marketing strategies. The bad: Skilled talent is in short supply. In fact, the old adage “finding good help is hard these days” has never been truer than it is today. As companies fight to emerge from the recession and begin the long process of hiring top talent, they are discovering a shortage of skilled (and experienced) individuals.

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  • Mon Apr 08 2013

    "Why can't I find qualified help?"

    "With all of the unemployed people out there, why can't I find the skills I'm looking for?"

    These are questions we hear every day from industry employers. And with unemployment rates ranging upward from 7.5% since early 2009, they're not illogical. So what's the reality?

    Simply stated, there have been a number of changes in the employment market since we entered the Great Recession, and hiring managers today need to be aware of them in order to compete.

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