Digital News Digest

April 26, 2017

REPORT: Some progress in Canadian lumber talks

The Canadian Foreign Minister says there's been some progress in the US/Canada lumber trade negotiations, but "we're not there yet." (Source: Reuters) read more
April 24, 2017

REPORT: Cyber thieves hide behind a big box logo

News flash: this retailer is not giving away $50 coupons for everyone to celebrate Mother’s Day. (Source: WSB-TV Atlanta) read more
April 24, 2017

REPORT: PPG courts Akzo once more

PPG has made a third (and sweetened) offer to the Dutch company, which rejected its two previous bids. (Source: Bloomberg) read more
April 21, 2017

REPORT: Paint customers are keen on 'do it for me'

Sherwin-Williams brought some insight to its first-quarter earnings, explaining that paint customers want 'do it for me,' not 'do it yourself.' (Source: MarketWatch) read more
April 18, 2017

REPORT: Yeti swipes at so-called copycats

The Austin, Texas-based cooler company says it is protecting its trademarks from the likes of Home Depot USA and Takeya USA Corp. (Source: The Austin American Statesman) read more
April 13, 2017

REPORT: 10 Cool Sustainable Products

A ‘Home of the Future” in Dallas showcases a rainwater harvesting tank, a Tesla Power Wall, and other cool features. (Source: Dallas Observer) read more
April 12, 2017

REPORT: The plot thickens for PPG-Akzo

A drama is brewing following a misfired email and multiple refusals by Azko's chairman to accept PPG's takeover bids, and now a hedge fund is working with shareholders to plot his potential ouster. (Source: Reuters) read more
April 10, 2017

REPORT: Builders cry foul over pay-hike bill

A “prevailing wage” bill in the California Assembly is attacked by builders, and others, for potentially hiking the cost of houses.  (Source: ABC KFSN-TV Fresno) read more
April 6, 2017

REPORT: Advice from a former Depot CCO

Brad Shaw was The Home Depot's chief communications officer. Here's some of his advice for young professionals, regardless of their specialty. (Source: Business Insider)  read more
April 3, 2017

REPORT: Akzo Nobel snubs PPG proposal

Akzo Nobel chairman Antony Bergmans deemed the proposal "a poor offer." (Source: Reuters) read more
March 31, 2017

REPORT: Lawsuit seeks to stop a Lowe’s

Near Los Angeles, a development project featuring a Lowe’s store and two office buildings meets lawyered-up opposition. (Source: Pasadena Star-News) read more
March 29, 2017

REPORT: Inside the labor shortage

Denver serves as poster child for a tight labor market, as job-site wages are growing and crews are going to the highest bidder.  (Source: CNBC) read more
March 29, 2017

REPORT: Refunds at Harbor Freight

A class-action lawsuit is settled, and the tool retailer is offering refunds related to sales of products at supposedly marked-down prices. (Source: Alabama Media Group) read more
March 28, 2017

REPORT: Masonite CEO takes a pay cut

Fred Lynch took a 34% pay cut in 2016, and other Masonite executives also took home less compensation, largely due to bonus reductions. (Source: Tampa Bay Business Journal) read more
March 27, 2017

REPORT: Is the Craftsman deal safe?

With Sears issuing ominous warnings about its viability, the Craftstman-to-Stanley deal is in the books. But here's how it could be voidable. (Source: USA Today) read more