Digital News Digest

January 20, 2017

REPORT: The music ends for Chicago store

The closing of Meyer's Ace Hardware on the South Side of Chicago affects homeowners and Jazz afficionados. (Source: Forward) read more
January 19, 2017

REPORT: Network Objects to 84 Lumber’s Super Ad

The lumberyard company will tone down its Super Bowl commercial after the Fox Network objected to ‘controversial’ content. (Source: Pittsburgh Post-Gazette) read more
January 18, 2017

REPORT: Downtown Cincy store opening

Woods Hardware now operates six hardware store locations with about 70 employees, thanks to the combination of Acme Lock and Small's Hardware. (Source: read more
January 12, 2017

REPORT: Lowe's gets ready for layoffs

Lowe's is laying off a small percentage of its workforce in order to move ahead with a new store staffing model. (Source: CNBC) read more
January 11, 2017

REPORT: Remembering Virginia Beach's handyman heavyweight

Lloyd Newman was the guy to talk to in the 1970s and 80s if you were building a home. (Source: The Virginian Pilot) read more
January 10, 2017

REPORT: How long will the Trump rally really last?

An analyst argues that the current stock market rally might not last past the beginning of 2017. (Source: MarketWatch) read more
January 9, 2017

REPORT: In lumber trade dispute, a preliminary finding

The U.S. International Trade Commission made a preliminary finding of injury from certain softwood lumber products from Canada. (Source: Reuters) read more
January 6, 2017

REPORT: Tractor Supply to upgrade Nebraska DC

A major renovation is in the works at the farm and ranch giant’s distribution center in Waverly, Nebraska. (Source: The Lincoln Journal Star) read more
January 3, 2017

REPORT: The Mars Ice Home

An interplanetary Next Big Thing: scientists and astronauts consider the uses of an ancient human building material. (Source: The Christian Science Monitor). read more
December 22, 2016

REPORT: Parents' basement syndrome on the rise

A study finds that living with a parent is the most common young adult living arrangement for the first time on record. (Source: Pew Research Center) read more
December 20, 2016

REPORT: Resistance to an on-call workforce

Some retailers are beginning to turn against the practice of on-call scheduling, increasingly seen as a hardship for employees. (Source: The Washington Post) read more
December 19, 2016

REPORT: Canadian retail giant dies at 95

Walter Hachborn earned his place in the Canadian Business Hall of Fame by fighting for the independent hardware store. (Source: The Toronto Star) read more
December 16, 2016

REPORT: At Crown Ace, North Pole deliveries

Writing to Santa Claus is the easy part. The trick is arranging for a return letter. (Source: The Coast News Group)

  read more

December 15, 2016

REPORT: New CEO at Farm Supply

The California farm-and-fanch dealer taps Cara Crye to lead the business. (Source: The San Luis Obispo Tribune) read more
December 14, 2016

REPORT: Here comes the snow sales

An arctic blast moved cold air into the United States, where the year's first snow fall moved shovels off the shelves in Ohio. (Source: News 5 Cleveland) read more