Digital News Digest

May 22, 2017

REPORT: Analyst unfazed by tariffs

An industry analyst from RBC Capital Markets says the new tariffs on Canadian softwood lumber amount to a “papercut.” (Source: CNBC) read more
May 17, 2017

REPORT: Stanley Black & Decker CEO aims to double revenue in 6 years

Stanley Black & Decker CEO James Loree told investors in a conference call that he plans to double the company's revenue in the next six years. (Source: TheStreet) read more
May 16, 2017

REPORT: Sears loses patent lawsuit to LoggerHead Tools

The retailer (together with Apex Tools) has lost a $6 million patent infringement lawsuit over their production of a tool similar to the Bionic Wrench. (Source: Chicago Business Journal) read more
May 15, 2017

REPORT: Lampert has some words for Craftsman supplier

The Sears CEO published a confrontational blog post targeted at Craftsman supplier One World, whom he accused of "seeking to embarrass us in the media to force us to let them out of their contract." (Source: Chicago Business Journal) read more
May 15, 2017

REPORT: Driving home improvement on TV

What’s a good next step for a NASCAR star? How about a DIY show. (Source: USA Today)  read more
May 15, 2017

REPORT: Lowe's workers equipped with exoskeletons

No, it's not a sci-fi thriller. Lowe's employees are using exoskeletons to lift heavy objects via a pilot program at a store in Christiansburg, Virginia. (Source: Quartz) read more
May 11, 2017

REPORT: Jimmy Carter on lumber tariffs

The former U.S. President weighed on the topic of tariffs on Canadian lumber imports. He thinks Trump is right. (Source: The Hill) read more
May 11, 2017

REPORT: Tax reform and the housing industry

Based on what we know now, there are positive and negative implications of President Trump's tax reform ideas. (Source: The M Report) read more
May 8, 2017

REPORT: Akzo Nobel rebuffs PPG a third time

A third rejection from the Dutch paint company is setting the stage for a potential hostile takeover bid. (Source: Bloomberg) read more
May 3, 2017

REPORT: Walmart and True Value make bee-friendly strides

The two retailers have begun to phase out bee-toxic pesticides, also known as neonicotinoids, which have been shown to decimate bee populations. (Source: read more
May 3, 2017

REPORT: Depot’s data breach blueprint

A proposed settlement over a 2014 breach could become a sort of gold standard for corporate security governance. (Source: Bloomberg BNA) read more
April 26, 2017

REPORT: Some progress in Canadian lumber talks

The Canadian Foreign Minister says there's been some progress in the US/Canada lumber trade negotiations, but "we're not there yet." (Source: Reuters) read more
April 24, 2017

REPORT: Cyber thieves hide behind a big box logo

News flash: this retailer is not giving away $50 coupons for everyone to celebrate Mother’s Day. (Source: WSB-TV Atlanta) read more
April 24, 2017

REPORT: PPG courts Akzo once more

PPG has made a third (and sweetened) offer to the Dutch company, which rejected its two previous bids. (Source: Bloomberg) read more
April 21, 2017

REPORT: Paint customers are keen on 'do it for me'

Sherwin-Williams brought some insight to its first-quarter earnings, explaining that paint customers want 'do it for me,' not 'do it yourself.' (Source: MarketWatch) read more