2016-10-06 16:09

In anticipation of Hurricane Matthew, Home Depot and Lowe's activate their disaster-preparedness command centers. (Source: Fox Business)

2016-10-03 16:29

Home Depot, Lowe's and Tractor Supply are on the growing list of major retailers that are opting to give their employees the day off on Thanksgiving. (Source: Sun Herald)

2016-10-03 13:41

An interview with the retailer's CFO takes a look at what Home Depot is doing differently to navigate online challenges. (Source: Wall Street Journal)

2016-09-30 16:08

Home Depot's eco-friendly freight transportation efforts have gained some recognition.

2016-09-13 12:01

With the Fed preparing to raise interest rates, it seems as though some investors are already questioning their stakes in stocks like Home Depot and Lowe's. (Source: TheStreet)

2016-09-12 16:35

'Tis the season for great pumpkins, vampire statuary and ghost decorations. Or is it?

2016-09-08 13:29

Home Depot Canada is launching a new campaign in its ongoing efforts to tackle youth homelessness.

2016-08-31 14:48

Much of J.C. Penney's recovery can be credited to CEO Marvin Ellison's history with his former employer, Home Depot. (Source: Bloomberg)

2016-08-23 14:36

The case for why order fulfillment is a major advantage for Home Depot and Walmart over Amazon.com. (Source: Business Insider)