2015-06-19 16:02

Inside the largest IT project in company history 

2015-06-15 18:37

As the retailer introduces new and exclusive brands of nailers, thoughts on the future of the category are imminent.

2015-05-19 18:27

“The core of the store continued to perform well across the country,” said Ted Decker, Home Depot’s top merchant. 

2015-05-11 19:38

Eco Building Products described the move as “amicable,” and in harmony with its focus on Coating Service Only business. 

2015-02-10 16:57

In the home center industry, there's no season like spring season. In anticipation, The Home Depot has opened up its ranks to more than 80,000 new employees.

2015-02-09 15:57
2015-02-06 16:24

The Home Depot Canada is sharpening its social good muscle in the fight against youth homelessness.

2015-01-26 16:42

A violent and tragic incident rocked a Home Depot store in New York City. Plus, salaries in the news and a forecast for a boost in weather-related sales.

2015-01-07 11:35

All in all, the industry is seeing a relative burst of activity in bathroom technology, said Mike Hogenmiller, department merchandising VP at the Home Depot, in an interview with HCN.