2017-10-23 16:32

The world’s largest home improvement retailer usually sells about 1.5 million pumpkins per year. This year will be tricky in some places.  (Source: CNBC)

2017-10-04 17:24

A vinyl plank flooring and a family of cordless power tools lead the charge. 

2017-09-18 17:35

A legal challenge from The Home Depot leads to the removal of a “home-décor superstore” from a Rhode Island shopping center, the Bald Hill Commons.  (Source: Providence Journal)

2017-09-12 17:55

As the retailer reports most stores impacted by Irma are back in business, the state is is providing police escorts for supply trucks.  (Source: Fox Business)

2017-09-11 17:23

Coming soon: voice activated shopping at Home Depot with Google Assistant. 

2017-09-05 16:41

Without admitting guilt, the giant retailer agreed to cough up $5.7 million as it faced USCPSC claims that it sold products that had been recalled. (Source: New York Times)

2017-08-23 21:51

Hal Lawton was a respected executive and a technology facilitator at Home Depot, then eBay. His next challenge is to help a department store turn the corner in an omnichannel world.  (Source: USA Today).

2017-08-17 11:45

The retailer will be creating mini solar farms out of unused rooftops to boost its energy efficiency credentials.

2017-08-16 11:30

Dot-com sales are up, big tickets are up and a new paint brand is coming soon.