2015-11-11 18:36

Approaching its billion-dollar goal, a retailer celebrates new stores and new neighborhoods.

2015-11-05 17:26

Lowe's will refund more than $1 million after overcharging customers for flooring installation fees. (Source: Miami Herald/AP)

2015-11-05 13:34

Anatomy of a store opening in Lake Park, Minnesota. "Things have been going well," says the owner. (Source: Detroit Lakes Online)

2015-11-04 18:09

Before smart-home concerns, retailers were puzzling over security for a host of different reasons.

2015-11-03 15:51

The company was previously named Intermodal Carrier of the Year in 2012.

2015-10-20 14:01

An Oregon customer is suing the retailer for $250,000 over a $28 late fee that he says caused his credit to drop 100 points. (Source: Consumerist)

2015-10-20 13:57

An Austin, Texas-based hardware store has the big boxes taking notice. "Boone, Tesla, and TreeHouse's other fans like its earth-friendly mission: The bourgeois-bohemian goal of creating a Whole Foods for the DIY set." (Source: Inc.)

2015-10-19 18:13

New study from The Farnsworth Group highlights home improvement stores' growing competition.

2015-10-16 16:43

An unusual hardware store loved by many Cambridge, Mass. locals has reached the end of its journey. “We’re old,” owner Simon Shapiro joked. “I’m 74 and she’s 73. You should be able to walk out and not need to be carried out.” (Source: Boston Globe)