Zinger Hardware moving to former bookstore

Zinger Hardware of Austin, Texas, will be relocating to a vacant bookstore with an outdoor center where it can build a children’s playground and a butterfly garden, according to an article in the Austin American Statesman

Michael Ferweda, who started Zinger Hardware with his wife, Katherine Friend in 2002, said the former Bookstop is about the same size -- 12,000 sq. ft. -- but more “shopper friendly.” He plans to hire more employees and add such merchandise as rain barrels, pottery and organic fertilizers.

The Do it Best dealer, also known for its retro furniture and unusual cookware, will have a soft opening around July 1 and a grand opening on Aug. 15.


- 10:48 PM
AlexCavity says

I am wondering if they carry any stuff from Brandenberry, since they are expanding their product range. I like that they decided to move to a more shopper friendly location, that is a smart way to improve business. Alex - Cavalok Cavity Closers

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