Yard Force cuts the cord

The Sumec Hardware & Tools brand points to the value of UL certification.

The Yard Force 120V mower.

Yard Force says it has become the world’s first garden tools manufacturer brand that has obtained a UL certificate.

Recently the Yard Force 120vRX series of yard tools, with the R&D cooperation of domestic and overseas company teams, produced by SUMEC Hardware & Tools, have passed the UL latest test of garden manufacturing industry standards.

The line operates with the advanced technology in 120vRX Lithium-Ion batteries, the company said.

With obtaining the world’s first UL certificate for the 120vRX series, the power performance of Yard Force can be comparable to the conventional power sources. Yard Force 120vRX series solved various problems associated with run-time and performance compared to similar gas-powered products, the company claims.

“The Yard Force 120vRX series contains many new features which can bring powerful, trustful, reliable usage experience to end users” says Joh Plocic, president of Merotec Inc. the North American business unit of Sumec Hardware & Tools. “Torque-Sense Technology provides higher running speeds and power when cutting wet or dense grass and saves battery energy under normal cutting conditions” he continued.

The mower has dual battery ports for extended run-time and speed-adjustable self-propelled drive is essential for yards with hills and slopes of all degrees to maintain a consistent cut and is safer by providing more control during operation. The Yard Force 120vRX series represents the future trend in manufacturing technology. 

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