X-Rite introduces Capsure for paint matching

Grand Rapids, Mich.-based X-Rite introduced a handheld instrument called Capsure, designed to help contractors and do-it-yourselfers to match colors.

The cameral-like tool retails for about $650. 

It measures a color, records the date and time of the measurement, image, text, and voice dictation. Like a huge fan deck, the product suggests a specific color to match the sample and can also recommend colors that harmonize with the sample. Capsure can be recharged through a USB port, and the instrument can hold up to 100 measurements.

It was developed to handle a wide range of material types, textures and colors, even hard-to-measure surfaces such as textured walls and facades, magazine illustrations, carpets, fabrics with small patterns and open-weave textiles that can confound other instruments because of their textural complexity.

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