Woydziak Do it Best lights up a small town

In Lyons, Kansas, a local hardware store steps up to save a holiday tradition.

The Lyons Lighted Christmas Parade. (Photo credit: East Side Studio)

Things are looking a little bit like Christmas at Woydziak Do it Best in Lyons, Kan. Actually more than a little.

When a reporter called the store to inquire about its involvement in the Lyons, Kan., Lighted Christmas Parade, the distinctive sound of Christmas carolers could be heard in the background. “Oh, those are the local middle school children,” said Jason Huddleston, co-owner with his wife Danica. “We have them in the store today.”

Woydziak stepped up to take the reins of the Lyons Annual Lighted Christmas Parade in 2016, when it appeared to be on the brink of shutting down. The support continued – and participation doubled -- in 2017, with 52 floats and one of the biggest events of its kind to illuminate Lyons main street. [The store's Facebook page has photos of the parade.] 

Not only that, Santa Claus himself made an appearance in the store Dec. 16. And the middle school carolers -- all 30 to 40 of them -- were raising funds to help families in need.

The Huddleston’s have owned the hardware store in Lyons for about 8 years. Asked how these events, and others like them throughout the year, contribute to the success of the hardware store, Jason did not hesitate: “It’s immense. The impact is unbelievable, especially in a smaller town like Lyons (population 3,800). People here are gung-ho on community involvement. And it helps business as customers realize that we’re not here just to take their money, we’re here to build this community.” 

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