Worx LeafPro offers universal cleanup

The new system from Worx fits most major brands of electric and gas blower/vacs.

WORX LeafPro High Capacity Universal Collection System

The new WORX LeafPro High Capacity Universal Collection System brings to market a universal leaf collection system that not only fits the popular Worx Trivac Blower/Mulcher/Vac, but all other major brands of electric and gas blower/vacs, as well.

The advantage of a blower/mulcher/vac is its time-saving ability to herd, then shred, leaves into mulch for the garden, compost bin or curbside pickup. What normally would take numerous bags to fill by hand; a blower/mulcher/vac settles the debris into a few bags, the company said

Worx LeafPro solves the six-step dilemma of emptying the bushel bag every time it’s full. There’s no more taking off the strap, unzipping the bag, shaking out the bag, rezipping the bag and placing the strap back over your shoulder.

The Worx LeafPro connects to the blower/mulcher/vac through a 4-in. adapter/hose that is 8 ft. in length with a total reach of 16 ft. One end of the hose fastens to the vac, while the other end feeds into a circular, elastic nylon cover. This elastic cover is designed and engineered to snugly slip over the rim of 32- to 55-gallon round containers, and then cinch tied. Power on the vac and a massive leaf pile can be channeled through the vac and hose and then into the container. 

“We simplified our leaf collection system that’s had massive appeal," said Brandon Martin, product manager for Worx. “Now, regardless of the blower/mulcher/vac used by the homeowner, LeafPro saves time and energy clearing leaves without the need for bending or stooping.”

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